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To Use or Not To Use Logitech Wireless Keyboard - K400 Plus?

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Review of Logitech Plus Wireless Keyboard (K400 Grey)

The Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Keyboard is one of the best wireless keyboards in its class that I've got to use. Have been using it for the past couple of months and it's been an amazing experience, although Logitech could have made it a little bigger. 
Let me bring forth the pros and cons of the product:

Pros -

  • Plug and Play - No additional software installation, just plug the Universal USB Connecter and voila its starts working.
  • Wirelessly Control PC-to-TV Entertainment from your couch! Time to get lazier after hard days work. No wires, it connects through Bluetooth so you can keep your laptop at one end and operate it from another corner. A 10-meter range is like the cherry on the topping.
  • Unifying the Keyboard and Touchpad make it more convenient than having a combo of wireless keyboard and mouse.
  • Keystrokes are not very noisy at all.
  • Gesture are really very convenient and better than my laptop touchpad(they've blatantly copied/used some of Mac's features).
  • Compact and slim design give the product a premium feel. Also, the light weight makes it easier to carry around.
  • Ability to change how the function keys work. You can use it as the standard F1-F12 keys or change it, the control is in your hands. Though for that, you will have to install Logitech Options from their official website. It will also help you tweak the other setting like: 
    • Keyboard 
    • Point and Scroll 
    • Gestures 
    • Placement of the Volume keys 
    • If you own multiple Logitech wireless Bluetooth devices, you can easily connect it to the Universal receiver that comes with the keyboard 

Cons -

There might be a lot of negatives, but the ones mentioned below are the what I could find lacking in the wireless keyboard
  • Night Usage - Using the keyboard at night without lights is a big issue. There are no backlit keys so it's basically inoperative without light.
  • Some keys are missing like Num Lock, etc
  • A Bit Too Small - It a little getting used to the small device and the touch pad. 
  • Not for Gamers - If you are a hardcore gamer, do not buy this. I'll rather suggest buying a gaming computer keyboard.
Truth be told I was very skeptical about buying a Logitech product which carries a price tag of 2K+, but it was worth the try.[Logitech is still slowly and gradually gaining popularity in India]

Note: I've only used the product only on Laptop and Desktop so I'm not quite aware of its performance on other devices.

Below is a Youtube Videos of explaining the complete working of the product


  1. Hi Hridja thanks for the nice review. If I may say straight to the point. This is a nice keyboard and looks very small. What I also like about it is that it is wireless so it reduce the clutter on a computer desk.

    1. Hi Wayne, I've been using this keyboard for almost a year now and it's so convenient that it has totally replaced my laptop computer. Although it really is a bit small, fast typing becomes an issue.


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